Special Needs Dentistry

Benefits Of Special Needs Dentistry in Nashville?

  • Special needs patients with severe physical and/or mental disabilities such as Down Syndrome, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s
  • Patients suffering from dental phobias, including children
  • Patients with time constraints and need all dental procedures conducted in one visit

When it comes to serving special-needs patients, Creative Dentistry, P.C. is recognized by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health as one of Middle and West Tennessee State’s service providers. The state of Tennessee entrusts its clients with Creative Dentistry, P.C., knowing Dr. Rouse’s expertise and the affection shown toward them is unsurpassed.

It is ultimately the guardian’s responsibility to ensure their dependent or client is receiving the best dental care possible.

Creative Dentistry, P.C. understands the arduous challenges involved in caring for patients with severe disabilities. Just meeting the basic necessities of survival can be daunting.  Disabilities or mental illnesses most often complicate or prevent patients from achieving good dental hygiene.  Brushing teeth can be difficult or impossible because of the individual’s inability to understand or be receptive to the assistance of their caregivers or their dental hygienist.  The stress associated with taking a person with a disability to the dentist is often correlated to the deterioration of the individual’s oral health care.

In partnership with Dream Team Oral Surgery, Inc., Creative Dentistry, P.C. can safely provide the necessary dental care without restraint as painlessly and effortlessly as possible. The guardian receives the peace of mind, knowing that the patient has received the necessary dental care he/she must have to maintain a healthy life. With professional hygiene maintenance and minimum of two checkups annually, the chance for severe dental problems is greatly reduced.

Most importantly, Creative Dentistry, P.C. strives to earn the trust of our patients.  Special-needs patients deserve our respect. It requires patience, compassion, expertise and a passion for serving the greater good.

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