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The Importance of Dental Procedures and Preventive Dentistry Services

Preventive dental procedures are known as preventive dentistry, which is the common term for dental care treatments or dental procedures that are meant to thwart oral health problems from causing extensive harm. An example of a preventative dentistry treatment is sealants.  A sealant is a coating of a protective, enduring special plastic. Your dentist can quickly and simply lay this coating on your teeth to prevent decay. Your back teeth are most prone to decay and so are targeted by dentists.

Other preventive dental procedures include regular cleanings. Cleaning is perhaps one of the most important dental procedures in adult and pediatric dentistry. Children and adults can get cavities and gum disease, but children are less capable of understanding and often end up dealing with discomfort. For this reason, pediatric dentistry presents a number of unique challenges for dentists and parents.

To overcome those challenges often specific to children’s dentistry Creative Dentistry offers things like pediatric dentistry, sedation dentistry, and special needs dentistry services.  This is especially true in cases when dental surgery or deep dental procedures may be required. These services are great for emergency services, but also are available to help with preventive children’s dentistry to make sure your child gets the best care.

While cleaning children’s teeth we have been trained to take it gradually and employ gentle dentistry. By building a rapport with young patients, we are able to make them feel more relaxed during their dental visits and being at the dentist becomes fun rather than intimidating. We also recommend that parents and guardians take the time to read stories about dentist appointments and play games with their children about fix their toy’s teeth. These little things can help children to feel comfortable at intimidating dentist appointments. We supplement these parental and guardian efforts with special needs dentistry for children with severe mental and/or physical disabilities.

Our Special Needs Dentistry is not only a part of our children’s dentistry program. Our staff is trained to treat patients with many types of disabilities and help all patients feel comfortable no matter the dental procedure, even dental surgery.

There are two primary reasons that surgery might be necessary. The first is the patient’s health. Tooth decay is unfortunately very common and if you receive consistent dental care, it is easy to find and treat before it causes pain or spreads. Too many people do not visit the dentist regularly and this allows infections to set in. On occasion, the decay becomes bad enough that the tooth needs to be removed completely. At other times it can be saved with a root canal.

The second reason a patient may need dental surgery is to remove their wisdom teeth. While they do not always pose an emergency health risk, they can grow in impacted and cause the patient a lot of pain. Removing impacted teeth can prevent future infections and stop their wisdom teeth from pushing their other teeth forward and out of position.

Taking care of your mouth, gums and teeth is a worthy goal. Good oral hygiene and dental health increase overall health.

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